About mngm

mngm.com is an e-commerce precious-metals platform focused on introducing global standard precious metals’ services to Egypt. mngm offers unique and innovative solutions to buy, sell, store, deliver and utilize precious metals. Our aim is to democratize access to all market participants, through transparent, simple and innovative means.

mngm has been developed with a mission to make buying, selling, storing and utilizing your asset simple, approachable, and manageable for newcomers and experts alike. Aiming to create value for our community, serve the untapped potential of Egypt’s precious metals market and provide you with the very best services. All while remaining Shariah compliant.

One of mngm’s key differentiating value factors are that you are provided with certified gold as well as the resources to make informed and calculated decisions, enabled by us, driven by you and powered by all. Everyone knows the importance of saving for a rainy day, and we also know that gold can withstand even the heaviest of storms. With that in mind, mngm can help you start preparing for your future.

mngm is a product and brand that pertains to Evolve Digital, a company that is part of the Evolve Holding Group of companies