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Why Invest in Gold?

Holds its Value 

Gold is an abundant natural element found in almost all corners of the world. It has been utilized for thousands of years, both a medium of exchange and a valuable commodity. It has withstood the test of time and maintained its value through the ages as a means of preserving wealth. Since the turn of the century, gold has increased from around $400/Oz to recently breaking the $2,000/Oz mark. At the same time, paper currency has been diminishing in value due to high levels of inflation and global debt, while equity markets witnessed alarming volatility and deteriorations on the back of the 2007/2008 financial crisis and the more recent Covid-19 pandemic.  

A Secure and Tangible Asset 

Unlike other commodities and investment products, investing in physical gold allows you to hold the real asset in your possession. Gold also withstands fire and water, rendering it indestructible. And since there’s only so much gold available, it has an inherent, intrinsic value that other commodities simply do not possess. Moreover, Gold is a tangible asset, which fortunately means that, unlike bank accounts and other digital assets, it cannot be hacked.  

Weakening of Dollar 

The value of money has been diminishing over time due to multiple reasons, such as sizeable perpetual budget deficits, trade deficits, and increased levels of debt and money supply. As currencies decline in value, people always turn to gold as a secure investment to preserve wealth. In recent years, the dollar has been declining in value, following multiple economic, financial, and geopolitical crises, which prompted an unprecedented rise in gold prices. 

Hedging Against Inflation and Economic Uncertainty  

As we all know, inflation has been persistent over the years, and inflation is projected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. When inflation rises, the value of currency diminishes. Logically, as the cost-of-living increases, the value of gold also increases, as it is denominated in currency like any other commodity or product. Historically, gold has always gained value at times of high inflation and economic crisis. People, therefore, invest in gold to preserve and protect their capital in times of high inflation and economic uncertainty  

A Steady Level of Supply & Price Stability   

Historically, the supply of gold has proven to be stable and sometimes in slight decline, regardless of the world’s economic state. Gold is no longer a medium of exchange and is a finite resource; therefore, there has never been an oversupply of gold in the market. This balanced supply structure is one of gold’s most treasured traits and helps keep gold prices relatively stable.